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Subluxation Degeneration Poster - 18" X 24" (Laminated or Photo Paper)

Radiology views of the cervical spine showing the 4 phases of subluxation degeneration. Color coded to help explain xrays during report of findings with your patient. Common conditions are listed with each stage of degeneration. The rate of spinal decay is noted with the phases of spinal degeneration. This is an easy to understand educational poster for chiropractic clinics.
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Subluxation Degeneration Poster

Spinal Decay Poster

Subluxation Degeneration Poster - 18" X 24" (Laminated or Photo Paper)

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Subluxation Degeneration Poster - 18" X 24"

Semi-Gloss Photo Paper

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Subluxation Degeneration Poster - 18" X 24"


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Subluxations & Spinal Nerves Poster 24" X 36"
The classic images used to create the chart show the 12 cranial nerves of the base of the brain. White background.
The spinal nerves from the anterior of the spine. Inferior and superior subluxations of the Atlas with lateral and posterior views.

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Spinal Degeneration Poster 24" X 36"
Shows the 4 phases of spinal degeneration of the cervical spine. Includes a lebeled normal xray of the cervical spine.


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